Colton Wallace


After fulfilling dreams of going pro in skim boarding on the coast of Laguna Beach, CA, Colton returned home in 2015 opening the door to a new dream with Bailey…Future Astronaut. This jack of many trades is responsible for bringing all the designs to life including posters, FA moving visuals, merch designs, and not to mention VJ (running visuals). All the while he is pursing 2 music projects named RiP n DiP (Colton & Bailey) and Benji Banks. Oh and don’t steal his pineapple… he will find you


Hunter Lee

 A New Orleans native who moved with his family to Alabama following hurricane Katrina. Like any Nola native a true love for music is birthed in your bones. Hunter is one of the fastest excelling videographers in the music industry with opportunities to work with Marshmello, NGHTMRE, Lettuce, Joyryde, Krewella, G Jones, Louis the Child, and many more thanks to great companies like Winter Circle, M3, Soul Kitchen and others providing the opportunity. He also doubles as our group therapist with his constant humor and true dreams of being a stand up comedy legend……Hello!? Anybody out there?

Logan Gunn

From the small town of Chatom, AL, Logan made the move to the University of South Alabama on the football team as a kicker. Somewhere between here and there he found himself in the DJ booth of a club learning from the vinyl generation. Logan is an editor for our website aiding in marketing and overall company vision. Make sure you  check out the Loaded Gunn sound he holds down as well.


Gary Paul Jr.

We had the pleasure to work with Gary at our first festival running stage management for 4 stages. Through that work experience we created a friendship with Gary and his assistant Keith Teage eventually asking them to join the team. Their expertise vary across the board from computer builds to legal knowledge and everything in between.


Austin Coonz

 One of the original FA crew members from the beach, Cxxnzy, started in photography and now also provides vibes on the DJ decks during many Future Astronaut events. During our early years of starting Colton & Coonz owned a condo near the beach. At the time we didn’t really have a vision or a dream that we were chasing. It was more of where we all became family. During shows you may see Austin stage managing, performing, or working the door. Also be on the look out for his Future Astronaut label debut later this year!

Chandler Lee

Chandler hopped on board the same time his brother Ryan did. He would spend time videoing, editing, learning anything possible to market Zewmob in the Tuscaloosa area. The Lee brothers, with the help of Clay, are now residents at the University of Alabama’s number one club/bar, Rounders. Chandler now specializes in graphic solutions focusing on creating content for the LED wall and operating it during shows.


Dalton Muse

This dude is a complete random package of pure amazingness with a side of funk and soul. Musically he produces under the name Cosmos by beatboxing ran into a loop machine which allows him to DJ, tell a story like Flight of The Concords, create a song, or just entertain. Dalton also serves along side Hunter on the media team editing and filming videos for artist and venues. The man of a 1000 hats also can school you in random facts, make sure you ask him for one next time you see him at a show!

Ryan Lee

Working with Ryan you may say “why so serious” but once you see the end product you realize its just his work ethic. He is steadily growing his capabilities in many different avenues, especially music. Colton and Ryan have been connected since early grade school and now works on music alongside Clay (of Zewmòb) in Tuscaloosa. Ryan helps from stage management to ground ops and anything you send his way. Expect big things from his artist project Zewmòb with multiple dates and releases coming this year.

Tyler Temp Team Photo.png

Brenden Tyler Smith

 Tyler and Bailey met in the early years of grade school. Fast forward from there, attending TKO nights at Alabama Music Box (one of Alabama’s first electronic scenes) as juniors, the love for the unique music and culture began. Tyler now produces music under the artist project BRNDN on the Future Astronaut label. Also his true appreciation for fashion lead him to designing clothing for the company as well.

Travis Myers

Ever have a friend so sarcastic you have to let people know when they first meet them? Thats our Travis! Sometimes he tries to keep the Astronauts in check, other times he's leading a prank that involves half the team. One things for sure, Future Astronaut would not be this far along with out him. He handles logistics and also VJ’s most shows along side Colton and Chandler.

Bailey Culbertson

The man, the myth, the tallest red head you'll ever meet! Bailey is where the dream of Future Astronaut began. All starting with a sketch pad and the ambition to grow the love for music.. He has connected like-minded people to create an unstoppable movement. From artist bookings, stage management, marketing and just about anything in between, he is a major key in the collective we call, Future Astronaut.